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  1. John A. Sears   

    I been hearing so many good things that you are doing for people. A friend of mind told me to check you out because I am a business man. I am in real estate and have allot of clients who come to me to help with there credit or stop a foreclosure. I really would like to form a business relationship with you that way I will give you all my clients with credit issues. Also, need your help I owe on taxes because of my CPA I was wonder since I owe on taxes and I want to start over on my credit would I be able to get another SSN which you meant in one of your TV session? I wait for your answer and thanks for your time.


    i would like to bring my score up i dont have the best credit and im currently in the military i have been in for 18 yrs. i dont have credit cards or public records on my report but it seems as im going nowhere with improving it i pay what i can to make my credit look good but im stuck in a rut and need help

    Bridgette Pinkelman   

    I am very excited to get with you on mine and my husbands credit problems. I went one CreditKarma and they suggested Lexington Law. So I fell for it. So far nothing and bad reviews on the internet. We really need help and Lexington Law is too expensive. Thank you so much! I will be contacting you,for sure! Bridgette Pinkelman

    Gilbert Jimenez   

    I'm interested to getting a 2nd SSI can you tel me How and how much is the package..

    George Roberts   

    Hi Courtney, I have watched many of your videos and am amazed at how much info you give freely over the internet. I have credit issues that are really getting to me and I need help with them. I also would like to know about the second SSN as I think it might be the way to go to. Thank you for what you are doing for so many in need of help with their credit issues. I have sent a couple emails to you but have not received a reply as of yet. I think your services are wonderful and will be calling the 800 number in the next couple of days to discuss doing business with you. Thanks again, you are a life saver to many. :-) George


    Hi Courtney I need help please contact me my email address is I sent you and email and called and left u couple messages

    COLE in reply to Raymond   


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